Mobdro User Guide For Streaming Videos, LiveTV, Sports, Movies, TVshows & Music

Mobdro has so many features to satisfy any mentality you currently have. This application is not, for one thing; it has got so many features to make people happy with entertainment. Now, I’m going to talk about What does a user need before he/she starts the journey with Mobdro application.

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There is the premium version of Mobdro, which extends the features with downloading, Chromecast and Timer. This application will not harm your privacy while enjoying it.  If you want to send any video to anyone, then there is an option provided with easy sharing button.

Mobdro Application Tabs Overview

Mobdro was developed to serve almost everything which comes under streaming. It has got tabs to get live News, sports, movies, music, TV shows, games, animals and other streaming media in it. So, Undoubtedly, it is the king of streaming apps. People often complain about the quality of the streaming but almost 90% of it streams are high quality. Depending on your moods and interests you can go for any media stream, you would like to watch. mobdro menu panel

How To Watch Any Stream

On the main screen, you can see Mobdro word. Just click on it. You will get so many options like below. You can select anything you want.mobdro screen viewOnce you choose one kind of stream, there will be hundreds of videos and channels you can go far. Those channels are jumbled and not at all arranged in order so be patient and add your new channels to favorites so that next time you can get it within seconds.

Based on the users review, you need minimum of 2MBPS internet connection to handle Mobdro effectively.

It is a simple guide on clearing the things on the main screen of the application. Once you started using it then, you can know more of it soon. Thanks for your patience.